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Here at the Eye Center of Lenawee, we understand that early detection is vital to the health of your eyes. That is why we offer our patients Optomap.  The Optomap is a digital photograph of the retina.  This retinal image captures more than 80% of the retina as opposed to the 10-12% seen by traditional methods of viewing.  This allows our doctors to see early signs of serious eye health issues such as Diabetic Retinopathy, Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), and Glaucoma. Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated the power of the Optomap as a diagnostic tool.


Optovue iWellness scan  is a test using Spectral-Domain OCT or Optical Coherence Tomography technology.  This allows our doctors a three-dimensional view of the cross-section of the tissue of the eye. The doctors can then exam the layers of this image for any signs of retinal structural changes that may be associated with ocular disease.


Visual Field Testing determines the full horizontal and vertical range of what a person is able to see peripherally.  It is commonly referred to as “Side Vision”.  The visual field test assesses the potential presence of blind spot (Scotomas) which can be an indicator of eye disease.  


The Autorefractor is the fastest, easiest, and most accurate way to check a patients prescription.  Easy alignment and capture of data ensures accurate readings  and takes only seconds to perform.